Indian Sapphire – How to use it and why it’s called that

I received a new batch of Swarovski crystal recently including some sparkly new Swarovski Indian Sapphire AB 10mm faceted rounds (style 5000). I have a well-established range called “Bali Crystals” and I decided to make add it as one of my key summer colours in this range.

Below are the results of this morning’s work:

Necklace – 42cm with an extension of 6cm

Earrings – 3.5cm

Bracelet – 19cm with an extension of 4cm

As for what Indian Sapphire actually means, it appears to be simply a description of the colour. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica:

The sapphire (blue variety of corundum) is considered one of the most valuable of precious stones. A sapphire’s colouring usually indicates its origin. Those from Myanmar are deep blue. The Kashmir (Indian) sapphire is cornflower blue and is highly prized, being quite rare. Sapphires from Thailand are very similar in colour to those from Myanmar; those from Sri Lanka are of different shades.

I also like this text from Passione Jewellers as it includes explanations about Padparadscha and also Montana, these are another two Swarovski colours that I had wondered about!


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